Dr. Ben Carson to Obama: Come clean on 'secret' past...

 President must 'expose everything' by releasing records.

President must 'expose everything' by releasing records.

(by Bob Unruh, WND) -- World-famous neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson, a rising star among Republicans, says President Obama should be more open with his records, including documentation that could show he applied for financial aid as a foreign student.

Carson saw his popularity surge after a 2013 National Prayer Breakfast keynote, with Obama sitting just a few feet away, in which he delivered a 27-minute stinging rebuke of the administration, citing “moral decay and fiscal irresponsibility.”

After the speech, the Wall Street Journal ran an editorial that practically begged Carson to run for president.

Now he’s speaking out on the issue of Obama’s eligibility.

In an interview on Alan Colmes’ Fox News radio show, the left-leaning Colmes suggested that it was racism against a black president that caused people to doubt his origins.

Bunk, asserted Carson.

“Has there been anybody else who has had a shroud of secrecy around their records like this?” Carson asked.

He told Colmes he didn’t personally challenge Obama’s claim of being born in Hawaii, but he insisted Obama needs to be more transparent.

Colmes retorted: “I never heard of a president before questioned about his birth certificate, being treated as if he was a foreign, ‘not one of us,’ ‘he’s a secret Muslim.’

“Doesn’t that arise out of some sort of soft bigotry?”

Carson replied that the “best way to put that to rest is expose everything, including your academic records.”

“Let us know, you know, where did you apply – when you applied to Columbia, from where were you applying?”

Colmes insisted Obama has “released both versions of a birth certificate, and that wasn’t even enough for those who kept criticizing him for not releasing the information.”

“They said, ‘that’s not real.’ They continue to say it wasn’t real,” said Colmes.

Carson asked:  “Don’t you think it is reasonable for people who are seeking public office, or are in public office, to allow people to see what they’re getting, and to expose their past records?”

“What you said is fair,” Colmes replied. “But you just said a few moments ago, would you have the same reaction were it a white person versus a black person; no white president has ever been asked to produce a birth certificate.”

Carson again asked: “But has there been anybody else who has had a shroud of secrecy around their records like this?”

The issue of Obama’s birth and other records centers on the Constitution’s requirement that a U.S. president be a “natural-born citizen.” Some interpret that to mean a citizen born on U.S. soil; others say it is someone born on U.S. soil to two Americans or simply someone born to two Americans. Obama originally declined to release any documentation about his birth, and later, when he released computer-generated documents, a multitude of experts and a formal investigation by Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s volunteer posse have concluded the documents are fraudulent.

WND reported this week billionaire Donald Trump said Obama refused to respond to his offer of a $50 million donation to a favorite charity if he would release the records.

In the radio interview, Carson said he has questions “about where [Obama] applied from, when he applied to Columbia,” but he accepts Obama’s claim to have been born in Hawaii.

Colmes argued a white president has never had to go through the kind of scrutiny brought by “the birther movement, questioning whether the president was even born here, saying he’s really a Kenyan, he’s really an African, and he’s not even a Christian, he’s really a Muslim.”

Carson replied: “I don’t think that it is racially motivated. I do think that people want to know, because, you know, be objective, you have somebody whose name is Barack Hussein Obama.”

Carson emphasized there “is secrecy about some of his records, there’s something that’s been written in the past which I’m sure you’re familiar with that says he was born somewhere else.”

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