DOJ Pardon Attorney Quits Amid Obama Plan To Release Thousands Of Felons


Via Judicial Watch:

As President Obama prepares to use his executive power to release thousands of felons (serving time under “racist” drug sentences) the Justice Department’s top official in charge of pardons quits rather than let criminals out of jail. [ed.- and the clemency move is not just for drug sentences, as we reported previously].

At least someone at the agency charged with enforcing the law and providing federal leadership in controlling crime, has some scruples. Of course, the official statement on the abrupt resignation of the Department of Justice (DOJ) Pardon Attorney, Ron Rodgers, is that he suddenly requested reassignment after heading the division for six years. One newswire story quotes a DOJ Deputy Attorney General saying that Rodgers’ departure is “in the tradition” of senior executive service attorneys who ask for reassignment.

The facts tell a different story. As head of the DOJ’s Pardons Office Rodgers clashed with the Obama administration over a controversial plan to release—or reduce the sentences of—convicted drug offenders. It’s part of the president’s effort to end racial discrimination in drug-related sentences. It started with the 2010 signing of a law (Fair Sentencing Act) that for the first time in decades relaxed drug-crime sentences he claims discriminate against minority offenders. The measure severely weakens a decades-old law enacted during the infamous crack cocaine epidemic that ravaged urban communities nationwide in the 1980s.

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(by Nickarama, Weasel Zippers) -- Notice how in his comments on this matter, Eric Holder talks about the “unfairness” of the sentences “under the old regime”. We use the term “regime”(instead of administration) to signify the sense of royal power they believe they have. And here, he absolutely claims the term, since he is now the new “regime”. No, Mr. Holder, the sentences were those imposed under law. Perhaps you just don’t recognize the difference between the law and the imperial presidency.

Mr. Rodgers was the target of a Justice Department Inspector General report in December 2012 that found that Rodgers fell “substantially short of the high standards to be expected of Department of Justice employees and of the duty he owed to the President of the United States”. The pardon attorney’s advice to the president to deny the grant of a felon, even though the prosecutor and judge supported it, “was colored by his concern … that the White House might grant Aaron clemency presently and his desire that this not happen,” the report concluded. Not wanting to grant clemency is apparently cause for reprimand, whereas breaking the law is cause for a bonus and high praise with this regime.

They’ve already selected a replacement for Rodgers. Here’s a little on that replacement, Deborah Leff, guaranteed fully on board with Obama regime initiatives.
Deborah Leff was Acting Senior Counselor for Access to Justice at the US Department of Justice, working for “outcomes that are fair and accessible to all, irrespective of wealth and status” She also was a producer for ABC.

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