Does Obama Have Any Foreign Policy Successes?


(By Keith Koffler via White House Dossier)

At all? Any? Just one?

President Obama hired a Secretary of State who had no relevant experience for the job because he wanted to avoid criticism from her – or even a 2012 challenge – and because he read in a book that Lincoln surrounded himself with rivals.

Then he hired someone who was qualified but who thinks global warming is a bigger threat than terrorists with airplanes or Mullahs with nuclear weapons.

And the results speak for themselves. Let’s take a short trip around the world to see if we can find any foreign policy successes.

Mexico: The country continues to deteriorate into a narcostate, and what’s more Mexicans are none too happy with us for fueling the problem with intentionally sent weapons.

South America: Leftism has been in the march throughout the continent during Obama’s presidency. No reversals to speak of. Venezuela remains in ruins, but people there may finally be taking matters into their own hands.

Cuba: Cuba still no libre.

Canada: Obama has actually created tensions in what is normally our most harmonious relationship by bowing to political influence and taking years to decide on the Keystone pipeline.

Europe: Obama does not seems to have developed friendships with any European leaders – the type of relationships that are needed for allies to operate seamlessly. Rather, there seems to be a kind of frostiness and some mistrust.

Great Britain: Nothing special anymore about the special relationship.

Russia: Reset button needs another press.

Turkey: Prime Minister Erdogan is said to be one of the few international leaders with whom Obama has some chemistry. The result? Increasing authoritarianism and Islamicization of a key NATO ally.

Syria: While Obama mulls his options, one of the great human disasters of the past 100 years – and that’s saying something – continues to unfold. Meanwhile, the bad guys remain in charge.

Israel: U.S.-Israeli relations probably at their worst since Israel’s founding in 1948.

Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Secretary of State Kerry on an unlikely mission to gain a peace deal and a peace prize.

Egypt: A disaster until the generals took matters into their own hands and threw out the Islamist regime Obama had backed.

Libya: After weeks of indecision, Obama orchestrated the ouster of Qadaffi. Now the place is teaming with Islamists, and probably needs . . . a new Qadaffi.

Iran: Obama failed to back a serious challenge to the regime, which is now on the cusp of gaining nuclear weapons.

Jordan and Saudi Arabia: Mortified at U.S. fecklessness and the prospect of a nuclear Iran

Iraq: Obama withdrew all U.S. troops, and the country is once again a killing field and a magnet for al Qaeda-linked extremists.

Afghanistan: An insufficient U.S. “surge” kept the Taliban from defeat and primed them to take over once most or all U.S. troops depart.

Pakistan: Anti-U.S. anger as we take out bad guys with drones. Not that this is a bad idea. But the relationship doesn’t seem to be getting managed very well. Meanwhile, the Pakistani Taliban gains strength.

China: No significant improvement in relations. Highly publicized “pivot” to Asia seems to be antagonizing China into even more aggressive behavior with respect to its neighbors, which the United States is not forcefully enough opposing.

North Korea: Just as crazy as ever, just as repressive as ever, and more nuclear than ever.

Australia: Obama has cleverly navigated the difficult waters of this relationship and war with the militant Aussies no longer seems imminent.

Nope. No foreign policy successes that I can find, and I’ve reached the Pacific and I’m ready to sail home.

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