Doctor warns it may be necessary 'to take military action to neutralize Ebola threat'

 Image from Outbreak Movie

Image from Outbreak Movie

(by LEE HIEB, M.D., WND) -- [...] What should we do? First and foremost, the American people are not fooled by reassuring pronouncements by the CDC. Sadly, most doctors – even epidemiologists – don’t consider bioweapons a reality, and don’t think like military strategists. It is time to discuss this outbreak frankly as a real medical emergency – not to cause panic, nor to curtail basic civil liberties – but to admit the devastating potential of Ebola, and our lack of perfect knowledge as to the degree of danger to the nation and its citizens.

At some point we need to quit worrying about harming the travel and cruise economy and tell people to stop flying to and from Africa. We should halt all flights from areas of outbreak. We should screen all foreign incoming passengers for temperature at the very least, and do better intake screening from all overseas travel. If this begins to get away from us, i.e. there are unexplained cases in multiple areas consistent with the jihadist scenario, then all air travelers should be screened, and air flight may need to be curtailed for the time it takes to track sources and let the disease burn itself out.

I’m not sanguine about flying in the near future until the true nature of this problem has become manifest. Ultimately, as I have said in lectures on bioterrorism, biologic agents are a cheap alternative to nuclear destruction.

Ebola – if used as a weapon – should be treated with the same respect as a nuclear attack on our nation, and it may become necessary to actually take appropriate military action to neutralize the threat.

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