Divine justice? ISIS executioner found beheaded with cigarette in his mouth

(Allen B. West) -- There’s no proof the ISIS anti-smoking league was behind this, but there’s something rather schadenfreude-isn about the untimely death of the ISIS chief executioner.

According to International Business Times, “the body of the Egyptian man, known to be the deputy emir of the feared al-Hesbah (or Hisbah) force in the eastern province of Deir al-Zor, was recovered near a power plant in al-Mayadeen city, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.”

“The corpse showed signs of torture and carried the message “This is evil, you Sheikh” written on it. The severed head also had a cigarette in its mouth. It is unclear who carried out the decapitation but the message was obvious.”

It’s not exactly sure what the messenger thought was particularly evil — was it beheadings in general or just cigarettes? International Business Times says ISIS has a strict ban on smoking, calling it a “slow suicide” and demands that “every smoker should be aware that with every cigarette he smokes in a state of trance and vanity is disobeying God.”

But lest you think ISIS and the liberal anti-smoking lobby in the U.S. are in agreement, ISIS also bars the use of drugs and alcohol. Of course, there’s still fun to be had with young girls, who are traded like baseball cards for sex and summarily executed if they refuse.

Nonetheless, It’s heartening to know there’s one less cigarette-smoking monster on our planet today.

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