Did Pakistan Just Invade India? Heavy Fighting In Kashmir (Video)

Did Pakistan Just Invade India? Heavy Fighting In Kashmir (Video)

(BIN) -- India’s military is fighting the biggest group of infiltrators in Kashmir to cross from Pakistan in years, a top general said on Wednesday.

Some 30 to 40 heavily-armed fighters have crossed the Line of Control dividing Kashmir between the rival nations in the Keran sector and are holed up for the past nine days in thick forests in the area, Lieutenant General Gurmit Singh told a news conference. They haveoccupied an uninhabited indian village.

The last time this happened, it turned into the Kargil War and yes Pakistani troops were heavily involved.  Things have been super intense this year along the LoC with multiple ceasefire violations resulting in the death of several Pakistan and Indian soldiers and civilians.  Its only a matter of time before a full scale war erupts there again.  Both nations are armed with NBC weapons and China too is involved in Kashmir.  Its a powder keg people, pay attention.


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