DEVELOPING: MH370 Co-Pilot Attempted to Make Mid-Flight Call Moments Before Plane Vanished

The co-pilot of the missing Malaysia Airlines jet attempted to make a call mid-flight, moments before the aircraft vanished from radar, a Malaysian newspaper reported.

A source told the News Straits Times that it’s possible the call made by Fariq Abdul Hamid ended “because the aircraft was fast moving away from the (telecommunications) tower,” the Guardian reported.

Another source, however, reportedly told the government-controlled newspaper that while the “line was reattached” it’s not certain whether the call was made while aboard the aircraft.

The report — called a “desperate call for help” — did not specify who Hamid may have attempted to contact, according to the Guardian.

Regardless, a second source reportedly added to the New Straits Times that the line was “reattached” while the jet was in the air.

The news comes as Australia’s prime minister says searchers are very confident they’ve finally located MH370′s black box at the bottom of the Indian Ocean.

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