Desperate Racist Attention Addict Oprah Winfrey Tries Again To Focus The Cameras On Herself

(by Rick Wells, GOP The Daily Dose) -- Everything was working out just right for Oprah and her BFFs in the Obama cartel, racial unrest was spreading across America at just the right time. Her movie Selma was being released in the midst of the protests, comingling the true racism of yesterday with the fabricated victimhood of today. Martin Luther King’s birthday was just around the corner and it would be followed up by Holder’s determination that the only way to stop “white cop racism” was to federalize local law enforcement and give preference to black criminals.

The wild card that they hadn’t predicted was that Al Sharpton and his fellow race pimps were too good at their jobs, they inspired too much unrest and hatred. The explosive situation they created simply blew up too soon in the form of the police murders in New York City.

Now they have been forced to let the fires cool and Oprah’s anti-white movie didn’t fare so well at the Oscars or in the movie theaters. While it’s an easy enough task to find racist bullies who are willing to turn over trash cans, start fires, loot stores and shout offensive comments to people who can’t defend themselves, those same individuals don’t have much interest in seeing a movie depicting peaceful protests. Their fabricated outrage doesn’t carry over to buying tickets to watch a historical real event from fifty years ago.

What’s an irrelevant, formerly respected, billionaire former talk show host to do when faced with such a gross miscalculation and unfortunate turn of events? She doubles down, naturally, and she sends out press releases so that plenty of cameras cover her shameless self-promotion.

Oprah Winfrey will march on Sunday in Selma, Alabama along with her costar and the director of her film “Selma” in an undignified, obvious publicity stunt that is a disgrace to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s memory. Winfrey and the studio describe the event as paying homage to Dr. King’s civil rights leadership. It looks more like an attempt resurrect her diminished celebrity status and her lagging film profits by attaching his life’s works to her race-mongering commercial and political ventures.

She will be joined by Alabama Democratic Rep. Terri Sewell for an event which will feature a panel discussion on the evils of “white folk” as well as two free showings of her movie. Two free showings is so generous, Ms Winfrey, are you sure you can spare the small change?

If this racist opportunist were capable of shame she would be reconsidering this blatant abuse and co-opting of Dr. King’s memory and his good name. She isn’t and she won’t. This Obama insider is just as much of a bigot and just as political as her fellow White House confidant, Al Sharpton. She’s kept it largely concealed from the public until recently. It seems stealth is no longer important.

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