Dennis Miller Unloads on MSNBC


Comedian Dennis Miller took aim at a number of subjects in this week's Miller Timesegment on The O'Reilly Factor.

One topic on which the Sage of Southern California was notably perspicacious was a ratings survey revealing the news sources Americans trust the most.

FOX News led in the survey, earning 25 percent of the respondents' trust, while MSNBC earned 5 percent.

"What do you expect?" Miller said, "Those ratings are easily understandable when you remember that MSNBC is simply an acronym for 'man's stupidity necessitates bad consequences'."

"The nuts have gone so nutty, they are going to be feeding on [network president Phil Griffin] eventually," he said.

"Get your house in order over there!" Miller continued.

The O'Reilly Factor

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