D.C. cops stonewall release of Capitol shooting video...

D.C. cops stonewall release of Capitol shooting video...

By Garth Kant, WND

  Scant details on gun death of unarmed young mother in car with baby...

Scant details on gun death of unarmed young mother in car with baby...

Police in Washington, D.C., have virtually admitted they have video of law-enforcement officers shooting to death a young, unarmed woman, but they’re deliberately withholding it from the public.

WND attempted to obtain video of the shooting death of 34-year-old Miriam Carey in the shadow of the nation’s Capitol on Oct. 3, 2013, by filing a Freedom of Information Act, or FOIA, request.

The request was denied by the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police department, which is handling the investigation into the conduct of the uniformed Secret Service agents and U.S. Capitol Police officers who chased Carey in her car, then shot her dead.

By telling WND that releasing the video might adversely affect any criminal proceeding, police have essentially admitted such video might cast a bad light on the conduct of officers and agents.

It also confirmed that authorities are at least considering the possibility of pressing charges against officers and agents involved in the shooting of Carey.

A WND investigation revealed the presence of at least seven security cameras in position to capture video of the shooting at Constitution Avenue NE & 2nd Street. The incident was also likely captured by numerous dash-cams on police cruisers.

WND has now appealed the denial of its FOIA request for the video to the office of Vincent Gray, the mayor of Washington, D.C.

WND has also filed a FOIA request seeking the forensics report on the shooting but has received no reply to multiple inquires on the status of that request.

The mainstream media appear to have lost interest in the story, but serious questions have steadily emerged about the shooting of the dental hygienist from Stamford, Conn., ever since police chased her black Nissan Infiniti from the White House to the Capitol, then shot her to death, apparently with her infant child in the back seat.

  • Contrary to media reports, the initial police report shows Carey did not ram a barrier at the White House.
  • Carey only tried to make a U-turn at the White House.
  • It appears she may have arrived at the White House checkpoint by mistake.
  • She apparently broke no laws until fleeing after being confronted by heavily armed guards.
  • Authorities did not use non-lethal means to try to stop her car, such as setting tire spikes or shooting out her tires.
  • Shooting at moving vehicles is against the policy of the Washington, D.C., Metro police and against the policies of many big-city police departments.
  • Officers appeared to get ample opportunity to see there was a child in the car before opening fire.
  • Authorities apparently did not employ non-lethal means to subdue Carey, such as pepper spray or a Taser, before shooting her to death.
  • Legal and civil rights experts from across the political spectrum have told WND the shooting does not appear justified.
  • Renowned journalist Nat Hentoff told WND it appeared officers “murdered” Carey.

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