Criminal DHS Director Jeh Johnson Says The Days Of Enforcing Immigration Law In The United States Are Over

(by Rick Wells, GOP The Daily Dose) -- Who would have believed that we’d ever come to this? The person in charge of every aspect of the federal enforcement of our immigration laws just proclaimed to a gathering of mayors that he is not going to do his job, he is not going to enforce immigration law, and that nobody in the future will return to enforcement once his treasonous criminal tenure at DHS has ended.

That’s exactly what just happened when DHS Director Jeh Johnson addressed a meeting of mayors from around the nation in Washington DC on Thursday.  It wasn’t long ago that this type of criminality by a government official would not have been tolerated, let alone promoted. Johnson and Obama both would have at a minimum been impeached by now. Things have changed. It is becoming accepted that America is ruled by criminals who are above the law. As long as they make a semi-convincing argument, no real challenge is brought forth.

Johnson was touting his program of not enforcing the law, a “deferred action” in which action continues to be deferred in perpetuity.  Johnson said, “Deferred action is not a lawful status, it’s not like lawful permanent residence. It is temporary in nature, for a two-year period. And it basically says, for a two-year period, this individual is lawfully present in the United States.”

Actually, what it says is that the person is still in the United States illegally, but he has the benefit of corrupt politicians and government officials who are willing to commit criminal and treasonous acts in the furtherance of their political agenda by providing a fake document extending illegal privileges. The impact to the illegal squatter is the same, though, they get to stay.

Johnson’s expecting a big sign up of illegals in May, when the rollout of the illegal amnesty is supposed to get underway. Let’s hope he signs up every one of them. When American leadership is returned to those who respect the rule of law, the Constitution and the will of the American people, those databases will be invaluable for deporting the squatters back to their home countries, the nations where these so-called undocumented have full documentation.

CNSNews reports that Johnson told the mayors that those who “qualify” for deferred action will also “qualify” for work authorization under the Obama dictate. He said, “It’s a separate legal authority. It’s a separate act. But you qualify for both at the same time. But you can’t get one before the other. That’s how I anticipate it will work. That’s how the DACA program works.”

He mentioned a separate legal authority, and a separate act, but what he is doing is in violation of the law and has no legal authority. The word act might imply the passage of legislation by Congress to permit his action, which also never took place. Johnson doesn’t quote a legal statute anywhere in this process, strange for a lawyer unless he knows that what he is doing is not based in the law.

Just to make it clear, Johnson cited an example of an anecdotal situation in which someone is picked up for being in the nation illegally as the result of a traffic citation. Those days are over.

Johnson said, “We will no longer accept where we have probable cause to believe the person is undocumented. We will no longer put a detainer on that person, which led to a lot of litigation.

Why would an enforcement operation seek to avoid litigation when that is the primary tool and function upon which their very existence is predicated?

There can be and is only one reason; they are operating, not in support of the law, but in furtherance of a communist agenda. It is vital to their success that our nation be overwhelmed both financially and culturally. We’re witnessing the next steps in that process now.

The communists didn’t go away with the fall of the Soviet Union; they just went undercover, into the American shadows. They’ve slithered out now and are implementing their plans for the takeover of America right before our eyes. They are using our own laws against us and our own law-abiding nature to tie our hands; and it’s working.

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