Creepy Video Of Joe Biden Slobbering All Over Senator’s Granddaughter Shown Live On C-Span2

(BIN) -- It’s no secret anymore that the Elite and many politicians are disgusting pedophiles. Joe Biden was attracted to the Senators teenage granddaughter, Emily, and had no shame to try and hide it, he said to her, I hope you have a big fence around your house.  Meaning he likes what he sees!  Then, after the swearing in of Senator  Christopher Coons, Biden grabbed Senator Coons daughter Margaret by the arm, then Biden whispers in her ear, and tried to give her a kiss on the head, and she wants no part of that. What exactly did Biden say that he thought was so funny?  Your guess is as good as mine.

With Biden's creepy behavior and what he said out loud, imagine what he must have whispered in her ear, the look on her face, the poor thing couldn’t get away from this animal quick enough.

Biden’s cringe-worthy behavior comes on the heels of an widening pedophile scandal involving billionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, who it was recently revealed met with former US President Bill ClintonPrince Andrew and a slew of other wealthy financiers and politicians on a private island on numerous occasions.

Vice President Joe Biden is famous for his off-beat humor, but when he swore in the new Congress on Tuesday his jokes took on a remarkably creepier tone.

When introduced to Utah Senator Orrin Hatch’s teenage granddaughter Emily, Biden commented: ‘I hope you have a big fence around the house!’

The comment was made as Biden posed with the 80-year-old Republican senator’s large family, on the day he officially became president pro tempore of Congress.

(See video below)

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