College students bribed to embrace ‘white privilege’


(by Kyle Olson, EAG News) -- There’s a tangible value in higher education for embracing leftist theory. Just ask high school and university students attending the upcoming national White Privilege Conference.

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is offering academic credit for students planning to attend the conference and promises the credit is “widely transferable.”

“High school students, undergraduate and graduate students may earn 1-4 hours of academic credit at either the undergraduate level in Women’s and Ethnic Studies or Education: Curriculum and Instruction, or at the graduate level in Sociology, or Education: Curriculum and Instruction,” the conference’s websitestates.

High school students seeking credit are required to read “Privilege, Power and Difference” by Allan G. Johnson as well as “Understanding White Privilege” by Frances Kendall.

Twenty percent of a student’s grade is comprised of writing a three-page paper on their “personal privilege,” where students consider, among other things, “how has privilege, in any/all forms, shaped your life? (consider race, class, gender, sexuality, disability, etc.),” according to the syllabus.

Another 30 percent of a student’s grade is comprised of creating an “action plan” to implement what they learn at the White Privilege Conference into their personal and school life. Such suggestions include:

  • Starting a student club focused on issues of diversity, privilege and inclusion at school, or a youth group at your church, synagogue, recreation center, etc.
  • Developing a specific workshop you would like to present at school or in some other organizational setting once you return home
  • A film series you would like to organize and offer for your school or community


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