Coincidence? NEWS TIP About Major Training Exercise Same Day and Area as Horrific Texas Fertilizer Explosion...



Interesting NEW TIP by RedFlag Reader David H.:

Just find it interesting that again we have a major incident coinciding with training exercises slated for dealing with disaster...

According to Google maps the Hospital is just under 80 miles from West. Taken from their spring newsletter:

"On April 17th and 18th, the Operations Division of NCTTRAC will initiate the second full-scale exercise designed to test the capability of the Emergency Medical Task Force, better known as EMTF, for Region-2.... REGEX Black Rain promises to be an exciting exercise; one that will fully stress and evaluate the regional disaster medical response potential that continues to develop within the North Central Texas region. Elements of the EMTF concept (Command Personnel, Ambulance Strike Team, AMBUS or Multi-patient Vehicle, Mobile Medical Unit Strike Team) will be present to interact as a simulated hospital evacuation escalates to a regional response level."

Download PDF of Newsletter here.

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