CNN’s Gloria Borger on Obama: ‘I’m Not Saying He’s Superman, But ...’

PEREIRA: “It’s really great to have you both, Gloria, specifically. You wrote an interesting op-ed. The title is — I love this title — ‘Obama sheds Clark Kent demeanor, tries on Superman costume.’ Tell us exactly what you mean.”

BORGER: “OK. First of all, I’m not saying he’s Superman but I am saying he is trying to soar a little bit. He’s trying to fly. Everybody assumes, OK, lame duck president, can’t get anything done, lost control of the Congress. And what he’s doing is he’s flexing his executive action muscles and he’s saying, ‘Look, there are things that I can do as President of the United States that I don’t need Congress for.’ He’s got a list. He’s going down it and he’s ‘checking it twice’ as we say at this time of year and it’s no secret to anybody, Michaela, that this is a president who was frustrated during the last election. He had to stay largely out of in those red states. He was trying to protect a lot of Democrats by not causing controversy. Now I think he feels a little unburdened by that and in doing so, he’s actually setting the agenda for the 2016 election in many ways.”

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