CNN anchor goes on 'rabid' attack over border...

(WND) -- CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield suffered a meltdown of epic proportions during a live TV interview with a Texas councilwoman who spearheaded the effort to ban illegal-alien children from entering her city.

League City, a suburb of Houston, just became the first town in the U.S. to pass a resolution denying any request from the federal government for help in the escalating border crisis. Heidi Thiess is one of the council members who also voted against detention centers for children inside the city limits.

As the councilwoman began to explain the solution was for “the federal government to start following its own laws,” Banfield cut her off.

“Ms. Thiess, please stop with this, you know full well that these people aren’t escaping into America!” the CNN host shouted. “They’re volunteering at the border to be caught. No one is getting through the wall of those who are there. This is a different circumstance. It’s the desperate who are begging for help. It’s not those who are sneaking in. You understand the difference, right?”

Banfield then called lawmakers “heartless” and compared the town’s policies to the protests by the “rabid” American citizens in Murietta, California.

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