Clueless Hagel - Can't Tie Bombers to Militant Group...



Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said Sunday he hasn’t seen enough intelligence yet to say the Boston Marathon bombers were inspired by or connected to a militant group.

“I have not seen any intelligence that would make such a link,” Hagel said in Tel Aviv, Israel, during a trip to the Middle East. “But as you know, all of the facts are not in. All of the dynamics of intelligence is not complete. And until we know that, until we get more pieces, we won't be able to answer some of those questions.”

Hagel also said the Obama administration doesn’t have enough information yet to decide whether the surviving suspect should be sent to the Guantanamo Bay prison for terror suspects.

“We don't know all the facts -- what these two brothers were up to, why, what motivated them, were they associated with foreign governments or non-state actors or global terrorist organizations,” he said. “Until we get the facts, then it will be the responsibility of law enforcement, (Justice Department) and other institutions to make some determination as to how that individual should be treated, detained, charged and all that goes with it.” Read more via Fox News...

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