Clinton Brings Up Vince Foster's Suicide At The National Council For Behavioral Health


Hillary Clinton: Well obviously I’ve thought a lot about that. I’ve known several people in the last forty plus years that have committed suicide and they appeared to be very different personalities on the surface so I’ve never been able to draw hard and fast rules.

I think the ones that I’ve personally known were all men and I think that particularly in the case you’re talking about, I think there was a reluctance to seek help. We knew after the terrible fact that he’d been depressed, that he’d been just really filled with all kinds of doubts and anxieties and suicidal thoughts and had not talked to anybody, not sought out a professional. Although it came to light afterwards that he’d actually called somebody and got an appointment for, I think, the next week as I recall.

I think that even then, twenty plus years ago, there was still a stigma. There was still a sense among high functioning high functioning people, because the people I’ve known who killed themselves have all been really high functioning, very successful. I think that the fact for them was they did not want to be seen as week, they did not want to admit their problems.

You know after our friend in the White House killed himself we had a visit from a guy that we knew socially, another one of these really high functioning people who came to see us who said ‘I just want to tell you, that ten years ago, that could have and would have been me’.

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