Chris Matthews compares an "incredibly strong" Obama to Winston Churchill

MATTHEWS: Let’s bring on Chuck Todd, moderator of “Meet the press.” It seems like the president has gotten himself into this conversation. Was Sony right? The president jumps in and says, no, kids out in Hollywood, I’m a grownup. You know what, you made a mistake. You did. You buckled. You appeased. Very strong statement. You should have talked to me.

Todd: Incredibly strong. I mean, that — look, that whole press conference, that was a president who thinks he’s earned to have some swagger, the way he answered questions, and dealt with certain issues and not brushing them off in snarky ways, just feeling very confident. But on Sony, it is clear, he seems incredibly — look, there had been some question, did Sony consult ask homeland security? Was there some reason here that Sony decided to pull the release itself and things like that. Boy, he wanted to make it unequivocal, they didn’t consult the government. And they made a mistake. I mean, there’s already a hashtag starting on Twitter #sonyweakbostonstrong. When he threw Boston on there, talk about a little extra sting in the criticism to Sony on this one.

MATTHEWS: Yeah, you Churchill, me chamberlain. Let’s go to the long term trajectory here."

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