China Sends 1000 Marines To Syrian Coast, Russia Sends More Warships (Video)

Russian Navy spokesmen said Friday that the fleet building up in the Mediterranean can answer any development after the Smetlivy guided missile destroyer set sail for the Mediterranean. DEBKAfile: Since Wednesday, Moscow has reported six warships have been sent out to reinforce the Russian fleet on hand opposite Syria.

Western naval sources reported Friday that a Chinese landing craft, the Jinggangshan (photo below), with a 1,000-strong marine battalion had reached the Red Sea en route for the Mediterranean off Syria.  With a displacement of 19,000 tons, the amphibious warship is 210 meters long and 28 meters wide and can carry helicopters, armored fighting vehicles, boats and landing craft as well as nearly 1,000 soldiers, Jiangxi Daily said.


Why the 1,000 Marines?   Definately a show of force I would think.  Fascinating stuff, I dont thin kChina has ever done something like this before, especially outside its own territorial waters.   It definately shows that China is an emerging world power.   

Meanwhile, Turkey has sent more troops to its border with Syria. Read more via Before It's News...


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