CHICAGOLAND: Chicago Public Schools Releases Maps of 'Safe Passage' Routes for Children...

 Chicago Tribune

Chicago Tribune

(CHICAGO TRIBUNE) -- Chicago Public Schools officials today released maps of routes where security will be provided for the thousands of children going to new schools this year.

The so-called "safe passage" routes are designed to smoothly shift students from 47 schools being closed this year to nearby schools. (Click HERE to see maps)

Parents have voiced concern about children crossing rival gang territories and passing empty buildings and vacant lots. Some of them have complained that CPS has been late releasing the maps.

Training for safe passage workers, originally targeted by CPS for this week, is now set to begin next Thursday.

CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett said the maps are being mailed to every student affected by closings as well as being posted on district’s website. Continue reading via the Chicago Tribune...


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