(ABC News) NEWARK -- CDC officials have removed passengers from a plane that landed in Newark Saturday afternoon following a possible Ebola scare.

United flight 998 from Brussels landed at Newark Airport and has been met by Centers for Disease Control officials based in Newark after passengers on board, believed to be from Liberia, exhibited possible signs of Ebola. The passenger was displaying flu-like symptoms.

The flight was scheduled to land around noon.

Officials with the CDC removed two passengers from the plane. A man had been traveling with his daughter and both were removed by a CDC crew in full HAZMAT gear.

The airline issued a statement confirming that crew needed to assist an ill customer. "Upon arrival at Newark Airport from Brussels, medical professionals instructed that customers and crew of United flight 988 remain on board until they could assist an ill customer. We are working with authorities and will accommodate our customers as quickly as we can," said a statement from the airline."

Other passengers remained aboard but were eventually allowed to deplane around 2 p.m.

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