BREAKING -- Second American Journalist, Steven Sotloff, Beheaded by Islamic State... (WARNING: Graphic Images and Video)


American hostage Steven Sotloff has reportedly been executed by jihadist terrorists. There was no immediate confirmation of the video.The video reportedly warns governments to back off from "this evil alliance of America against the Islamic State".

Sotloff, 31, disappeared while reporting in Syria in August 2013. His apparent kidnap was not widely reported until he appeared on a video released last month by the Isil.

In the footage a masked militant beheads US reporter James Foley then parades Mr Sotloff, warning he will meet the same fate unless US President Barack Obama ends air strikes against the group in Iraq.

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EDITOR'S NOTE: The video below of the first American journalist, James Foley, is horrific. However, this is what ISIS is and this is what they do.  Facing the truth and the facts is not pleasant but it does put ISIS in perspective.  Anyone that views what ISIS is about will know the horror of just what we as well as the rest of the world is facing. 

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