(TPNN) -- Both Sun News and CJAD 800 AM in Canada are reporting on a possible terrorist attack by the Muslim terrorist group ISIS near Canada’s Department of National Defence. Two members of the Canadian military were hit by a car leaving one in critical condition. The suspect, 25-year old Martin Couture-Rouleau was shot and killed by police after moving towards police with a knife.

Sun News reports that authorities were alerted by a family member about the terrorist leanings of Couture-Rouleau. CJAD adds that the man actually went inside an office at the Department of Defence and made a terrorist threat before leaving the building and subsequently hitting the two Canadian military members.

Saskatchewan Tory Member of Parliament (MP) Randy Hoback asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper to keep the MPs updated about the “unconfirmed reports of a possible terror attack” against two members of the Canadian Forces.

In response to this request and reports that this incident is a terrorist attack, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said,  “We are aware of these reports, and they are obviously extremely troubling. We’re closely monitoring the situation, and of course, we will make available all of the resources of the federal government.”

The New Democratic Party MP or St. Jean, Tarek Brahmi said in a statement, “The allegations surrounding this hit-and-run are very serious and I have complete faith that the Sûreté du Québec investigators will shed light on the full set of circumstances surrounding this event.”

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