BREAKING: Boehner says he'll establish select House committee to investigate Benghazi attack... <- about damn time! -- Update: Kerry subpoenaed -- 2nd Update: Trey Gowdy To Head Committee…


(Fox News) -- House Republicans were moving on two fronts Friday to dig for answers on Benghazi, with Speaker John Boehner expected to form a special committee to investigate and a key panel subpoenaing Secretary of State John Kerry to testify.

Sources say the decision to appoint a special committee is a "done deal." This would mark a significant shift. Boehner has long faced pressured from rank-and-file members for months to form such a panel to probe the attacks which killed four Americans including a U.S. ambassador, and until now had resisted. 

The committee would still have to be approved on the House floor. 

The movement comes after newly released emails raised questions about the White House role in pushing faulty claims about the attacks. 

The emails in question were obtained and published by the conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch, following a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. One email showed White House adviser Ben Rhodes discussing a "prep call" with then-U.N. ambassador Susan Rice, before she went on several Sunday shows and made controversial and flawed statements linking the attack to an anti-Islam Internet video. 

The email from Rhodes emphasized the role of the Internet video -- leading to GOP charges that this "smoking gun" shows the White House politicized the tragedy.

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