Boys Now Allowed To Join Girls’ Athletic Teams In Minnesota Schools


(by B. Christopher Agee, WCJ) -- In a controversial ruling this week, the Minnesota State High School League voted to force the state’s public schools to allow boys on their girls’ sports teams. The decision has already raised a number of red flags among critics, including the perception that transgender boys have an inherent physical advantage over girls.

Minnesota Child Protection League coordinator Michele Lentz affirmed that it is generally the case that a “biological male has a larger skeletal structure” and “more muscle,” meaning allowing boys to compete alongside girls “puts those girls in a situation where they could get hurt.”

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Plenty of others see the potential for abuse by boys claiming to identify as girls with the hidden motive of exploiting their female teammates.

The Child League ran ads ahead of the vote warning that, if approved, the move to allow boys on girls’ teams could not only lead to “your 14-year-old daughter” losing a position to a boy, but “now she may have to shower with him.”

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