Bowe Bergdahl could receive $350,000 tax-free upon return to active duty with Army

  • Sgt. Bergdahl will resume his military duties at Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio
  • Bergdahl will have 'an office job within the headquarters,' Col. Scott Bleichwehl said 
  • He will also have sponsor to help with assimilating
  • Bergdahl may also receive $350,000 from the US government without paying taxes
  • $200,000 worth of that money would be from wages earned during his captivity and $150,000 if he is found to have been a prisoner of war
  • Bergdahl will continue to attend debriefing sessions with his superiors
  • Comes days after photo of Bergdahl posing with Taliban official posted to Twitter
  • Bergdahl posed with Badruddin Haqqani, who died in a drone strike in 2012

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