BOMBSHELL: Is Alex Jones About To Be Exterminated?! Insider Vows To Take Him Down, But How?

(by Guerilla Media Network) -- On March 18, 2014, Pete rolled out a sample of audio which has been brought to him by extremely credible and vetted sources.   Pete described in his episode yesterday that he is extremely concerned about the welfare & well being of Alex Jones, and in fact attempted to bring this audio to Alex Jones directly before making it public. Alex Jones was unavailable to discuss the matter with Pete at the time of the broadcast.

Unfortunately, there are many hours of recordings whereby Anthony Gucciardi essentially reveals his intentions of taking InfoWars down by getting rid of personnel, advertisers, and potentially setting up Alex Jones to be SWAT Teamed by the FDA or FTC for fraud in manufacturing & distributing supplements which do not meet the claims they will be advertising.

We are all appreciative of what Alex Jones has done for the Alternative Media industry.  In fact, Alex has single handedly crafted the alternative media and given 10′s of millions of individual readers and viewers an eye-opening perspective in the InfoWar.

He deserves our support, and he especially deserves to know that the credibility of his purported “truth” journalist is anything but truthful in the public.  Obviously, Anthony Gucciardi's entire library of articles is now in question with respect to it’s journalistic credibility.

Thankfully, Alex Jones is now aware of this audio and can move forward in rebuilding from the damage that has been caused by this infiltrator, but unfortunately there are hours more and reams of documents circulating.

Stay tuned.  This is a developing tragedy. 


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