Biden: “It’s Barbaric” Not To Give Gays Special Treatment…

Biden Stimulus Anniversary

Via The Hill:

Vice President Joe Biden championed gay rights Saturday night, saying “dignity and respect” for all needs to remain the nation’s “north star.”

As keynote speaker at the Human Rights Campaign dinner in Los Angeles, Biden thanked the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community for making legislative strides on their behalf.

“I won’t be satisfied until every LGBT person has equal rights, only then will we be a whole nation,” he said.
Biden touted efforts from the Obama administration, such as ObamaCare’s recent move requiring health insurers to cover same-sex spouses.

He also urged the passing of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, which protects gay and transgender people by banning employers from making hiring and firing decisions on the basis of sexual orientation.

“In some states, employers can fire you for who you are or who you love, it’s close to barbaric,” he said. “Pass ENDA now. Not tomorrow. Now.”

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