Benghazi Survivor Balks at House Report: “People Will Just Not Stop Lying” (Video)

(by Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit) -- Kris Paronto, Benghazi security contractor, and author of “13 Hours” says the House report on Benghazi “is a total farce.” The report took the views of White House staffers and not the men on the ground in Benghazi. 

It’s disheartening. I took an oath to defend this country and defend the United States. And all of us did on the ground there. And we’ve basically been called liars by our own government. We’ve been turned on by our own government. I’m angry. I’m very angry. I’m disappointed. But I’m also exhausted that people will just not stop lying. And I have to keep standing up saying, “Hey you guys are misrepresenting. You’re not telling the truth. We are.”

Via America’s New HQ:

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