Bags of human remains found along MI roadways...



(The Times Herald) -- Police are looking for a woman in connection with the grisly discovery Thursday afternoon of multiple bags containing human body parts scattered along snowy roads in St. Clair Township.

St. Clair County Sheriff Timothy Donnellon said police are searching for a middle-aged white woman driving a late 90s gray or tan sport utility vehicle, similar in appearance to a GMC Jimmy or Chevy Blazer.

St. Clair County Sheriff Detective Stacy Tunich said several bags containing human body parts were discovered on Allington Road between Fred Moore Highway and Trumble Road. A bag also was found on Fred Moore Highway, Tunich said.

Donnellon said the sheriff department had received a tip a middle-aged woman was tossing garbage in the area.

He said some of the body parts were in bags and some were not. He did not disclose the number of bags. Read more via The Times Herald...

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