Amazing Time-lapse Photograph of April 2014 Blood Moon by Renowned Photographer/Illustrator

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Photographer: Joe Heiner

Location: Northern Utah

Camera Used: Nikon D800, 800mm lens

Notes from Photographer:

The final frame is the closest it got to center of the Earth’s shadow this time.

During a total lunar eclipse, the moon is lit by Earths’ ring of sunset atmosphere, backlit by the sun. The only direct sunlight on the moon is visible on the first image of this sequence … maybe a sliver of direct sunlight still shining on the second … before the moon moves into the complete shadow of the Earth. The Earth's shadow is much larger than the moon. 

The reason for the gradation from darker top to lighter bottom is that the moon is crossing the lower portion of Earth's shadow where it receives more and brighter atmospheric light from Earth.

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