NO JOKE: Obama To Spend $75 Billion For Mandatory 'Government-Controlled' Preschool...



(WESTERN CENTER FOR JOURNALISM) -- Millions of parents with children in the public school system are already worried about the leftist propaganda being promulgated between Kindergarten and 12th grade. Barack Obama, however, wants to put the U.S. even further in debt by forcing students to spend one more year within the walls of a government-controlled educational facility.

During the next fiscal year, Obama has stated his intention of spending $75 billion to make sure all 4-year-olds attend preschool. Those funds are in addition to the $20 billion our federal government already spends on such early learning programs.

According to Heritage Foundation Senior Education Analyst Lindsey Burke, the entire proposal amounts to even more government waste.

“We already have three quarters of four-year-old children enrolled in early education, preschool programs,” she explained, calling “the idea that federal government would spend $75 billion to create a large-scale government preschool program for all four-year-olds … incredibly misguided.”

She added that the federal government already funds “45 early education and childcare programs,” concluding that “there’s already pretty significant federal intervention and spending on early education.”

Federal forays into preschool, namely Head Start, have proven to be “utterly ineffective,” she explained, citing the fact that even the Department of Health and Human Services “has said in their evaluation that Head Start has no impact on children’s cognitive ability, the parenting practices, their access to health care, nothing.”

Furthermore, she said the program “is ineffective and just generally fails to serve the needs of low-income children,” who she said are the purported beneficiaries of the increased spending.

For the left, though, schools are less about education than they are about indoctrination. Giving the government even more access to the next generation — beginning at a younger age — will only aid in its propaganda mission.

–Western Journalism staff writer


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