ALERT -- Obama Seeks Alliance with More Islamic Groups

(THE DAILY CALLER) -- President Barack Obama quietly met with a group of Muslim political activists in the White House Feb. 4 to get them to support the Democrats’ political machine.

The meeting didn’t focus on U.S. foreign policy or Islamic jihadi attacks. Instead, it was Obama’s outreach to a growing Democratic-affiliated political constituency, similar to other meeting with environmental, African-American or Latino political groups.

The president “encouraged the [Muslim] participants to remain civically engaged in their communities, and told them that he looked forward to seeking additional opportunities to continue the discussion of these and other issues,” said a White House statement released after the meeting.

The immigrant Muslim population has grown by roughly 1 million since 2000, up to almost 2.7 million in 2013. The population has grown because the federal government has accepted many migrants from war-torn Muslim countries, such as Somalia and Syria.

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