ALERT -- Mideasterners pay $50,000 to sneak into U.S.

 'You will absolutely see terror attacks' that rival or exceed Sept. 11

'You will absolutely see terror attacks' that rival or exceed Sept. 11

(by Greg Corombos, WND) -- A filmmaker with extensive knowledge of the current border crisis says this chaos is exactly what President Obama wants and planned for, and he says the current media fixation on abandoned children means criminals, drug smugglers and terrorists are coming to the United States without even being noticed.

Dennis Michael Lynch directed and produced “They Come to America” and “They Come to America II” and has extensive, daily contact with U.S. Border Patrol agents about the true state of the U.S.-Mexico border. He said there are essentially four groups of people pouring across the border: families of various sizes, unaccompanied minors, drug smugglers and career criminals and terrorists. Lynch said while the media focus on the kids, really bad people are easily slipping into the country.

“I can tell you from the people I speak to in the Border Patrol who are in the intelligence unit, they have told me that gang members are receiving as much as $50,000 per head to bring a person through. Those people are typically from the Middle East or from China,” said Lynch, who predicts the people waltzing into the country will perpetrate an attack on the U.S. that will rival or exceed Sept. 11.

“You will absolutely see terror attacks. They may not come in the form of airplanes crashing into buildings, but they’re going to come in different ways: water treatment plants, electrical grids. You name it, it is there for the possibility of taking,” he said.

WND recently reported that a top U.S. Defense Department analyst under President Bush warned that ISIS, the Islamic jihadists creating a Muslim caliphate in Iraq and beyond, could use the Mexican border to infiltrate America, and it could happen “sooner rather than later.”

Listen to the WND/Radio America interview with Dennis Michael Lynch:

President Obama is urging Congress to approve $3.8 billion in new funding that he says is designed to expedite deportation, while critics contend there’s a lot more about prolonged care for the detainees than there is about deportation in the legislation. Lynch isn’t buying anything Obama is saying at this point.

“This president has no intent of sending anybody home, just like he didn’t intend for you to be able to keep your doctor if you liked your doctor and just like he knew that there was no video that would spur a terrorist attack in Benghazi. If you believe what he says right now, I have a desert to sell you,” he said.

According to Lynch, this crisis is exactly what Obama wanted to happen.

“He is enjoying what he is seeing down at the border,” he said. “That is why he’s trying to work now with the U.N. to try to get war refugee status for these children. That’s why he’s sending them across the country and just releasing them. This is not about reform. That’s all rhetoric. This is about fundamentally transforming the country.”

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