ALERT -- Cell towers in Bundy cattle ranch area shut down forcing media blackout and EMS access...

(Joe Newby, Examiner.com) -- On Friday, Static Media Hub posted a tweet that said cell towers in the Bundy ranch area were shut down. According to the message, only radio communications were possible.

“Alert: On the ground reports ~ cell towers shut down, comms thru radio only,” the tweet said.

Earlier in the day, a Facebook page supporting the Bundy family said some people were having difficulty using their cell phones. The tweet asked supporters to bring satellite phones if possible.

“Folks, there is a possibility the cell towers have been shut down. People are having trouble calling out, and I cannot get a hold of my people on the ground. I will update as soon as I know more,” the tweet said.

“If you are headed to #BundyRanch and can get satalite (sic) phones, they are very much needed,” the page said later.

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