Al Qaeda Agent Floated in Swap for US Prisoners? Obama's Legacy Takes Scary Turn...


By Richard Grenell

Published January 26, 2015 | FoxNews.com

Over the last several decades, there has been a long tradition of U.S. foreign policy officials making clear to our friends and enemies that we do not negotiate with terrorists. The customary belief from national security experts is that negotiating with the bad guys in any way will encourage more bad guys and more bad behavior.

It is a difficult policy, to be sure, if your loved one is taken hostage by Al Qaeda, the Taliban or ISIS or any other group. After all, family members of hostages will do almost anything to see their loved ones returned home. But experts are almost unanimous in their belief that the overall U.S. government policy should stand unequivocally against prisoner swaps for hostages and negotiations with our enemies.

The Obama administration, however, while periodically claiming it doesn’t negotiate with terrorists, has done it.

President Obama personally confirmed his negotiation and prisoner swap from the White House Rose Garden in May of 2014: “I'm also grateful for the tireless work of our diplomats, and for the cooperation of the government of Qatar in helping to secure Bowe’s release. We've worked for several years to achieve this goal, and earlier this week I was able to personally thank the Emir of Qatar for his leadership in helping us get it done. As part of this effort, the United States is transferring five detainees from the prison in Guantanamo Bay to Qatar.”

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