ABC exposes Charlie Brown watchers to graphic sex...

(by Drew Zahn, WND) -- On Oct. 30, families across America sat down on the sofa with their children to watch the Halloween staple, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” on ABC.

As the classic cartoon began to wrap up, it’s easy to imagine parents stepping away to prepare for little ones’ bedtimes or to use the restroom or simply to make a phone call.

Twenty-six seconds later, less than the time it takes to show a full-length commercial, the toddlers those parents left behind on the sofa were treated to an adult woman’s sexual fantasy, a scene from the television show, “Scandal,” depicting graphic lovemaking that stretches the limits of even television’s TV-MA, or mature, rating.

Now a parents organization is demanding ABC apologize for what it says was an irresponsible decision to bookend the final moments of Charlie Brown with graphic sex.

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Video capture of ABC’s Oct. 30 programming at the conclusion of the Charlie Brown special can be seen below.

Editor’s Note: The following scene from “Scandal” contains partial nudity and sexual content.

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