A vexing mystery in Spain: How did a nurse contract Ebola?

(The Washington Post) -- The first case of Ebola transmission outside of West Africa has raised questions about how a nurse at a Spanish hospital contracted the virus and whether sufficient protocols were in place to protect health workers there.

The nurse became infected at Madrid's Carlos III hospital while treating Manuel Garcia Viejo, a priest who contracted the virus in West Africa. The woman, a "sanitary technician," entered Garcia Viejo's room only twice, according to Spanish officials.

In one case, she entered the room to change his diaper; another time, after he had died, she entered to collect his belongings, according to Mercedes Vinuesa Sebastian, Spain's public health director. Both times, the nurse wore personal protective equipment.

Three more people were placed under quarantine for Ebola at the Madrid hospital where a Spanish nurse became infected, the first case of the virus being transmitted outside of West Africa. (AP)

Spanish officials said they do not know what went wrong and are investigating.

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