A raid, multiple tasings, two arrests, and a home ‘ripped apart’: Can you guess the suspected crime?

(The Washington Post) -- If you guessed “underage drinking,” stumble to the head of the class. And all of that doesn’t really even begin to describe all that went down in Damascus, Maryland. Here’s more from local newspaper editor Brian Karem:

The events in the 9400 block of Damascus road on January 4 came after a pizza delivery driver tipped officers about some “young-looking” people drinking. Jumping to conclusions and using questionable methods, Smalley and Durham then took fellow officers on a thrill ride through a private party, ripping apart a home, tasing an accountant, his son and arresting his wife and other son. In the process they put others at risk – including other officers and civilians . . . 

When they were done raiding the home two people had to go to the hospital and many more – according to charging documents – apparently left the scene of the party without being detained.

Last week defense attorneys Rene Sandler, Chris Griffiths and Terrell Roberts challenged the entire raid as a violation of a homeowner’s Fourth Amendment rights. Circuit Court Judge Steve Salant agreed with them and suppressed the evidence gathered in the raid.

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