A Police Chief's Open Letter to Rolling Stone: 'The People of Boston Are Hurting ... and You Have Slapped Them in the Face!'

 H/T Fox Nation

H/T Fox Nation


****Chief's Opinion*****

Dear Rolling Stone Magazine,

It’s me, Chief Oliver. Some people call me an internet sensation. Some probably call me a space cowboy. I have NEVER been called the Gangster of Love…. or Maurice. I just wanted to mention some things and ask you a question or two…..So, let me begin with the basic questions….

Have you all lost your minds???

Far be from me to wrestle with a cultural icon like Rolling Stone Magazine….but I damn sure will over convictions and principals…and this bone-head move on your part.

Who in your building thought it was responsible to put an "alleged" terrorist on the cover of your magazine? What about the people who were killed during the Boston incident? Their families? What about the family of MIT Officer Sean Collier, who was likely executed by this guy and his brother? If I understand correctly, your people got a “scoop” and ran with it. That’s great. I am all for media, entertainment and the like. I love free speech, too; however, just because you CAN say it, doesn’t mean it SHOULD be said. In this case, this guy does NOT belong on the cover of any magazine…period. Unless it is called “Monthly Mope.”

We have lots of people from all over the world on our page. I do not offer that for any other reason than we have a very diverse crowd here. I bet some even listen to that rock and roll music. Read the posts from around the time of the bombing in Boston....
Those people were hurting….and now you have slapped them in the face…. and hard.

I do not take kindly to my friends being slapped, so therefore you are going to the internet woodshed. Not only are we internet sensations here….we are also “wicked pissah.” Go look it up. It’s a good thing. Being the wicked pissah crew that we are here, with me being the chief wicked pissah guy….I just thought I would convey my opinions on you treating my Boston area friends pretty poorly.

It’s not too late to apologize, so don’t dally.

Pull those magazines off of the shelves and have some respect for the dead and grieving… And apologize to our friends.

.…Chief Oliver

Read the letter here...

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