A Fired-Up Bill O'Reilly Battles Juan Williams Over IRS Scandal: 'You've Been Pretty Crazy Lately'



Bill O’Reilly on Monday clashed with Juan Williams over the IRS scandal, immediately telling Williams, “you’ve been pretty crazy lately.” And the two disagreed on practically every single point throughout the segment.

O’Reilly criticized FBI Director Robert Mueller for lacking answers during his testimony before Congress last week, apparently unaware of who was assigned to leads the investigation into the IRS scandal.

Williams countered by citing Mueller’s reputation, saying both parties “think the world” of the FBI director and he wouldn’t risk his “legacy” by covering up a scandal for the Obama administration. He also said he thinks Mueller genuinely was unaware of the lead investigator in the case.

O’Reilly wasn’t buying it.

“That would be like me, Juan, saying, ‘You know what? I don’t know who’s on The Factor tonight,’” he said. “It’s impossible…This is huge and he doesn’t know who the lead investigator is.”

Williams then changed the subject to Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), who told O’Reilly earlier on the show that Congress should look into Obama’s reelection campaign in its probe of the IRS scandal.

O’Reilly later said he wants people to “go to prison” over the IRS scandal.

Watch the tense exchange below via Fox News/Mediaite:

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