911 law firm exposed in divorce

(New York Post) -- One of New York City’s most prominent law firms — which raked in tens of millions of dollars representing 9/11 responders — has been ripped apart by a soap opera involving an office affair, a scorned wife and a power struggle.

Napoli Bern boasts that it has won $3 billion representing diet-pill users, Ground Zero workers and other aggrieved claimants.

But after partner Paul Napoli got sick with leukemia in May, partner Marc Bern made unspecified “startling discoveries” about Napoli’s operation of the practice, including “financial irregularities and debts,” Bern claims in court papers.

Napoli also had an affair with one of the young lawyers at the firm, court papers allege, and when his wife, Marie, discovered it, she stalked and harassed the woman — and may have even taken her cat.

Marie Napoli obtained the personnel file of mistress Vanessa Dennis to find Dennis’ husband — and text-messaged him about the affair, according to papers.

One message read: “tell ur hoe 2 stop f- -king my man, we got a family . . . I’ve been watching that slut. She needs to backoff.”

The law firm “aided, abetted, facilitated and conspired with Marie’s attacks on Vanessa,” legal papers charge.

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