6 months since mom gunned down by D.C. cops and Secret Service... And still no explanation by police...

(by Garth Kant, WND) -- Six months can be an eternity for someone waiting to find out why a loved one was killed, especially under circumstances that almost defy belief.

On April 3, it will be six months since Miriam Carey strapped her baby girl into the back seat of her black Nissan Infiniti in Stamford, Conn., and drove 270 miles to Washington, D.C.

Upon arriving, she apparently made a wrong turn into a White House entrance, tried to leave, was chased by heavily armed officers and ultimately shot dead by police in the shadow of the Capitol.

Why she was killed is a mystery to this day because, according to the initial police report, she never crashed a security gate or a barrier, though media reports claimed she had.

She simply tried to make a U-turn and leave.

Yet, uniformed Secret Service agents and U.S. Capitol Police officers tried to stop her, then hunted her down and shot her to death.

And to this day, a half-year later, no one knows why.

Carey's care after she was shot to death near the Capitol on Oct. 3, 2013

The official investigation into the incident, conducted by the Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Police Department and turned over to the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, has still not been released.

Despite all the mystery as to why Carey was killed, the media have been almost completely silent, as has Congress.

And the Carey family is tired of the excruciating wait for answers.

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