50 Ft. Deep Lake Appears In Tunisia Overnight (Video)


(by Paul Seaburn) -- First we have reindeer herders almost falling into mysterious craters that suddenly appear in Siberia. At about the same time, shepherds in southern Tunisia find a lake suddenly appearing in the middle of a desert.  It’s summer in Tunisia so the appearance of any water is a welcome sight, even H2O that pops up overnight like a liquid crop circle. Soon after it was found about three weeks ago, swimmers dove into what at the time was crystal clear water. The lake was nicknamed Lac de Gafsa or Gafsa Beach because it’s 25km from the Tunisian city of Gafsa.

Lac de Gafsa is estimated to be 50 feet deep with a surface area of about 2.5 acres. Unfortunately, the turquoise blue water quickly turned algae green. Local health officials issued warnings that it could be contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals or possibly even radioactive. That hasn’t stopped hot Tunisians looking for a cool dip.

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