11 Broken Promises (LIES) From Obama’s First Inaugural Address In 2009...


On this Inauguration Day 2013 when we will once again hear from President Obama as he gives a speech that will swoon many and will be filled with empty promises, let's take a look back at his first inaugural address and see how that went. Even if a leader is absent all of the qualifications that make for a good president, if he can speak good and can fire up the disenchanted and give hope to the underprivileged, that person doesn't need qualifications that make for a great statesman.

As is typical, President Obama gave a rousing speech on January 20, 2009 to a crowd of some 1.5 million people at the Mall in Washington DC for inauguration number 1. Much of that speech was flattery and hollow hyperbole, but none the less effective for those that look at style over substance.

For the record, here are a few things the president said on that historic day and our comments in bold on how he did with his eloquent imagery. Continue reading via IsThatBaloney?

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