Why Trump’s Inauguration Day will be better without celebs


There will be no Beyoncé wiggling on stage. Bruce Springsteen, Ariana Grande, John Legend and Elton John aren’t going to be there either. In fact, pretty much every A-lister from the Hollywood and entertainment world has decided to skip Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday. And whether or not Trump himself is wrestling with that public rejection, the people who voted for him are not.

The “blue-collar billionaire” will have a day that’s more befitting of the working-class base that put him in the White House: one without fanfare or celebrities or fancy couture (although his wife, Melania, will most certainly be dressed to the nines). Call it the People’s Inauguration, one that celebrates the ordinary American, and that suits his fans just fine.

“They could have zero entertainment at the inauguration, and I really don’t think for one minute that it would matter,” said Leslie Rossi, of Youngstown, Pa., a state that shocked the nation when it switched from blue to red on Election Day.


Tom Barrack, chairman of Trump’s inaugural committee, disputed the rumors that A-listers were declining invitations to the inauguration: “The only person who can offer a job for entertainment in this inauguration is me,” he said. “I haven’t offered one A-lister, and I haven’t been turned down by one A-lister. What you hear is rhetoric. Does that elitist portion of celebrity still withhold their applause for this president-elect? Most likely. But . . . we haven’t gone to that level of celebrity.”

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