Why the Left is Going After Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift

Christian Toto | Acculturated -- 

In today’s twisted media world, you can get shamed for doing nothing.

Take Lady Gaga, the pop superstar chosen to perform at Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show. Given her track record, fans knew anything was possible from her performance. It’s hard to forget that meat dress ensemble.

That also meant she might uncork yet another celebrity lecture against President Donald Trump. You know, like almost every celebrity has done for the past few months.

Only when we expected Lady Gaga to zig, she zagged.

The superstar belted out her hits, including the inclusive anthem “Born This Way.” She danced like only she can. She even soared through the air. Literally.

She didn’t get on a soapbox to pound Trump’s immigration policies. She . . . entertained.

That wasn’t enough for The Washington Post, which ran an article with the headline, “Lady Gaga calls herself a rebel, but at the Super Bowl she played it safe”

“With a forceful elegance, Beyoncé had set a precedent for what could be done on this stage—musically and politically. By comparison, Gaga whiffed.”

Deadline.com seemed almost weepy that the singer didn’t embrace a hard-left position, calling the show “mediocre.” The site’s comments section, hardly a bastion of conservative thought, strongly disagreed with the assessment. “So because she decided to include sports lovers who are there for the sports and not the politics, to allow people to enjoy the day for what it is and not what you think it should include, her performance was mediocre? Wow,” wrote one.

But Lady Gaga isn’t the only star to be shamed for not using their platform for more hard-left posturing.

Taylor Swift opted against appearing at last month’s Women’s March protesting newly inaugurated President Donald Trump. But Swift did share a positive Tweet on the subject: “So much love, pride, and respect for those who marched. I’m proud to be a woman today, and every day.”

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