Why Liberals Just Love To Set Terrorists Free

Bob McManus | New York Post -- 

What is it about progressives like President Obama — and even pretend progressives like Gov. Andrew Cuomo — that makes them so forgiving of terrorists?

Obama, on his way out the door, Tuesday commuted the effective life sentence of Puerto Rican nationalist-terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera— an architect of the wave of terror that led to the murder-by-bombing of four at Fraunces Tavern in Lower Manhattan in 1975.

Cuomo, for no apparent reason other than to plant a wet one on Black Lives Matter, last month gave an early out to one-time Weather Underground conspirator Judith Clark — convicted of murdering two cops and a security guard during the infamous Brinks armored car robbery in Rockland County in 1981.

Obama actually spent Tuesday papering the wall with pardons and commutations. The best-known recipient was the emotional Dumpster fire formerly known as Bradley Manning — a onetime Army intelligence analyst who traitorously funneled hundreds of thousands of classified documents to WikiLeaks and then went on to become an icon of the transgender movement.

But while Tuesday may have been among the least auspicious days of the Obama incumbency, at least he was true to his established principles. He’s the fellow who could barely bring himself to say the word “terrorist” — so it’s no surprise that he chose to coddle one on his way out.

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