Why Isn't The Media Talking About The Muslim Terrorist Who Killed A Transit Officer This Week In CO?

Fox News -- 

Investigators in Colorado said Wednesday the murder of a transit officer was a targeted attack.

Sources told Fox 31 Denver that Joshua Cummings, who is accused of killing Scott Van Lanken in front of two women, describes himself as a “radical Muslim.” Law enforcement sources also told the station that police found jihadist materials inside a backpack at the time of his arrest.

The 37-year-old Cummings was arrested Tuesday night after the shooting near Union Station. Security camera footage helped track down the man.

Van Lanken, of Loveland, was armed and wearing a dark blue uniform similar to those worn by police at the time of his death. In case he was targeted because he was believed to be a police officer, police Chief Robert White said officers have been warned to remain vigilant.

According to police, Von Lanken was trying to help two women who were afraid they had missed the last light rail train when one of them said she saw a man with a swollen face and "weird looking eyes" walk up to the officer and say something to the effect of "Do what you are told" before she heard a gunshot. He ran away but police found Cummings hiding on the patio of a nearby loft apartment building with a 9mm handgun.